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I just pull this off of the OZ.forum saying that it is a recall on the GPX4500 but nothing said about why.It did say that some owners have received the notice for it. Maybe somebody out there knows about whats going on a this recall if it's in the unit are the battery.

Chuck Anders

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Boy we are lucky these guy,s at minelab care about service :innocent0002: :whoopie: .Mine is of to the shop on monday.

If it will be better than it was i can only imagine . :confused0013:

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Yup true it is and mine will be going back too for a look see. Hey at least they are letting folks know and fixing it post hast. I'm fine with that and call it goo customer service even if a bit of a hassle. Just found out about it as well....


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To Bill.....dang it Bill and yer little bug. I seen that thing and swapped it real good with a flyswapper. Now I gots a big scratch on me monitor and that little sucker was still a kick'n.



Have you checked your phone messages?


ps where did you get that cool little bug that

crawls around your sig line?

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