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4th of July present

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? Nothing to see?

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Johnno is partially right...he's probably thinking how good it would look on a chain worn under the

hat.....I agree but not his hat...the one he cut out of the pic on his left...... :laught16:

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G'Day 5150

I wanted to say that, but I thought Don might think I was trying to shaft him. But it's true true true!!

And Don, as for the part hat ... she is gone, sweet sheila but she could not work out why I was swinging a stick to make money. She thought I was stark raving nuts!! Oh well. you win some and you lose some but that is one sweet "J" I found a D clamp, I'm sure it's a meteorite... wanna trade??? :laught16::laught16::laught16:



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Thanks much for the offer Johnno but someone else has had their order in for some time now....

almost impossible to find something like this....the last one before now was a mate I was in Nam

with....he wanted a letter L so he could put it on a belt buckle for his dad...it took about five years

but I finally found a beautiful L nugget and gave it to him for waiting so long...good friends like him

are hard to find....

Sorry to hear about the departure of Sheila....maybe for the best....I've said that five time now....

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