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'The SETA Project'

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Hello everyone!

Well the Gold Gem & Treasure magazine ad (July issue) says it’s ‘Now available’ and it nearly is!

For the many customers and dealers who have been enquiring, we can advise the DVD is currently in the duplication process in Melbourne and we aim to have product available in the US by mid-July. (Very frustrating all round as we are keen to get out bush prospecting ourselves!)

In the meantime we invite you to take a sneak preview of the new GPX4500 DVD promo OBP4 Promo High Res (21.8MB) OBP4 Promo Low Res (5.8MB)

Over 3 ½ hours duration, ‘The SETA Project’ is being released as a 2-DVD set, similar to ‘The GPX Factor’ and will be priced at US$77.50. (+Shipping & Taxes)

As a special introductory offer for customers upgrading from a 3000/3500, we have GPXDVD COMBO deals available for a limited time only! Purchase both OBP3 ‘The GPX Factor’ and OBP4 ‘The SETA Project’ for US$120 (+Shipping & Taxes) (Seven hours of instruction and a saving of $15.00!)

‘The Outback Prospector’ Series of instructional DVDs…worth their weight in gold!

For those US customers who have contacted us direct please email our distributor here for your nearest authorized dealer and to reserve your copy now!

Be among the first to view the new 4500 DVD and gain the skills to get the gold (before your mates do!) :icon_mrgreen:


Jonathan & Frieda Porter


‘The Outback Prospector’…Leading the Way through Innovation and Education

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