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Speaking Of Glorieta

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Hello all,

Here is a picture of a nice piece I found while hunting WITH THE LAND OWNERS PERMISSION! It is actually the meteorite I have on my avatar for this great Nugget Shooter Forum.

In fact the landowner commented on how nice the piece was that I had found. They were extremely friendly and talked to us for quite awhile. I have not been back to ask for permission to hunt for a few reasons. I don't want to impose for they are busy with their lives just like we all are, I feel if we bother the land owners to much it will jeopardize future hunts if we are constantly banging on their doors asking, and because of their kindness and generosity to us I would like to keep the friendships good ones.

As far as the previous post about Glorieta reference an incident.....we all have to remember that the many incidents that happen in life always have TWO sides to the story and how common it ends up being third and fourth hand information. Many incidents tend to get stretched a bit. Just my two cents speaking from my own and most other folks life experiences.

Happy hunting all---Hope you enjoy the pics.




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