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coil ?


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hi everyone

i have a few questions if anyone would answer them . coils , i have a ml sd2100 what would be the best after market coil ?

also mine lab seams to be the top of the line detetor !? why do they not provide the top of the line coil with there detectors??

it seems from reading that no one is useing the mine lab coils.

thanks any info will be great

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There is nothing wrong with the stock minelab coil. It will find gold ! The 11" mono is a very sensitive coil at that. I have found really, really small targets at good depth with the stock coil.

Heres a link to a (obviously accomplished detectorist) :innocent0009: :laught16: guy who just found a 2.5 grainer in a very pounded patch with STOCK 11" minelab mono.


Alot of people quite frequently use a 8" minelab mono, and swear by them on small targets.

After market coils give you the opportunity to select a different coil for different applications. You may need a small coil for hunting gold in really shallow ground. You may need a big coil for hunting deep big gold......And the variables go on, and on. :icon_mrgreen:

Good luck out there... :headphones:

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Guess it all depends on the area you'll be hunting (terrain, soil type, etc.) because theres a lot of factors. As time goes on and you learn your detector and get better with it you'll figure out what you need.

The Commander series coils are pretty good and what Mike says above is true because they are a little on the heavy side. Just get yourself one of the bungee set ups and that takes care of the weight problem.

I'd say a good all around coil is the 11" Commander Mono because it picks up the small stuff and it punches deep.


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The coils I use the most are the 14" NF EM

The 8" Commander RM

The 16" NF RM

All are good coils and as said much depends on the many different soils and terrain we face in the field.

Good hunting, Bill

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thankyou for the info

wow adam that is a small nugget what a find i would have passed over it most likely

i got this machine used and the guy gave me 3 coils 2 about 10" one says mono the 3rd is about 6" just patent #'s on it

i have found a few small pieces with it mostly hot rocks, some quartz that sounds off but i dont see gold in it just iron

it s looking like the 14" nf em is the way to go ,, a little spendy tho

i seem to have read somewhere " i cant find it again" that coiltec coils will short out the older

mine lab electronics any one hear of this?

that brings the question of will these n.f coils function on the older sd machines


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Guest Nuggethunting

Hello isitluck,

I would agree with all these guys. You can't go wrong with the Minelab, NF or Coiltek Searchcoils. They are work great on the SD2100. The new Minelab Commander coils are a bit cheaper in price, but also weight a bit more. If you're looking for a lightweight coil, I would suggest a NF or the new Coiltek ones. Bill could give you more information on the lightweight NF coils, such as the Super Light series. The NF-14-inch might be a great overall choice.

As for shorting out detectors, there was rumors about the NF's shorting out Minelab GP Extreme Metal Detectors. However, I think they were just claims from a few guys on another prospecting forum. For more updated information I would contact Minelab or AZO (Nuggetfinder Distributor) directly on these issues.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hello isitluck.....I've been using Minelab SD2000-SD2100-SD2200-GP Extreme and GP 3000 since

they came out with all of the above mentioned coils and never any problem....one word of

caution that goes for any detector...when connecting or disconnecting a cable be sure the unit

is turned OFF first....

My personal favorite coil is the NF 17" El. mono...found a lot of gold with that mamma...when the

ground gets a little hot I grab the NF 14" El DD....problem solved.....if you get a "hip stick" from Bill

you too can use the bigger coils all day.....

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