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Hi all, I just picked up the 70 and was wondering which coil they recommend for the prospecting mode? I got hooked on mono's with my PI unit, so I was planning on using the 6" round I have thinking it was a mono, but it's a DD with an "H". Also have a 5X9 "H" that doesn't say which it is, and a 10" round with an "M" and no designation. So which to choose for hunting bedrock? Bill, any word on if Minelab is planning on offering a 4" round "UH" (ultra-high) mono? If not, I say we start a petition and get them busy.

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Howdy all... Bill Southern, I hope this is okay to post.

I just know enough to be dangerous... but with this "warning (grin) I will

give some thoughts. I have a X terra 70... bought it from my local dealer

last year and paid state tax... but Rick just lives a couple of miles from me

in the Rialto/Fontana area and we are also fellow club members.

I have been using it around Randsburg California... The standard gold coil

does find gold!... Due to my hearing loss I use Sunray headphones... (Rick

Recomended) and they seem to be compatable to my severe hearing loss...

Now... as I have previously said... I just know enough to be dangerous, but

for those of you who know how to get to DOC's forum on "Finders" just punch onto

Finders X-terra 70 forum...

This site is very friendly... no anger or rudeness... Good learning. Such as

BarnacleBill posting on August 19, 2007 at 09:29 PM on:

"Measuring your ground mineralization level using a hidden feature of the X70"

This post has had over 1859 views.

If you have the patience to punch in "http://www.findmall.com/read.php?55,574329,574329

this could get you to the information. (Gosh... I have just figured out that Lve2fsh has earlier

posted how to get to the forum... )

Since Bill Southern sells the X-terra 70 he likely also has more information.

I'm now leaving to Ely Nevada for my 60th high school class reunion (1948) and I have

two detectors loaded in the car... one is my '70. Hopefully, I will find time to stop off

and do a couple of hours nugget hunting in central Nevada. My Best to All.

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The 5 X 10" is the best overall coil to use for gold prospecting. The 6" 18.75 kHz is a killer in the tighter areas such as around plants, shallow, deep washes etc. It just takes more time to cover the ground with the smaller coil. The X-Terra with the 18.75 kHz coils will find small gold with ease. They tend to pick up the smaller stuff that some of the minelab PI's miss. There was an article about someone using the X-70 at Gaines Creek, AK who was making much better finds with the 70 than the PI units. Skill level can make a difference. Be sure to use good headphones and keep your threshold down as low as possible. Make sure you GB correctly and if you get your coil over some gold, you should have no problem picking it up. Keep your swings slower and make sure the coil is even with the ground. The PI units will find deeper gold, but the 70 is no slouch.

Good hunting, John K

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Walt, how does the XTR 70 compare with the gold bug 2 on finding small gold. Harry :icon_mrgreen:


My :twocents: on the subject would be that the Fisher Gold Bug 2 and the Whites GM3 and GMT will find smaller gold more consistently than the X-Terra 70. I have a GM3, GMT, and a X-Terra 70. I have tested all 3 units and have hunted around individuals that were using the GB2 and it preformed as well as the Whites. I am partial to the GMT as it is a gold getter. On the flip side of the coin, the XT70 will find some pretty darn small gold in good ground but as the ground gets more mineralized, it struggles to keep up with the GMT or GB2. I like the X-terra 70 and think that it is one of the best all around detectors on the market because it is a super coin detector, works well on the beach, hunts relics like a pro, is a good meteorite hunting unit and can do quite well prospecting. I use the 5 X 10" 18.75 kHz DD and have found that it is the best all around coil for my use. It worked well on the salt water beaches for me, I water proofed it.. I have not seen an X-Terra 70 owner that was not happy with the detectors total preformance.


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Heres my :twocents: --IMO and observations while using it-its the most bang for the buck out there-a good all around beeper--not my first chioce for gold beepin-but it is do-able--I have found a couple sub grainers with it--gets average depth on coins-not a real deep seeker for coins-but I'm use to the explorers which nothing compares except my F75--does real well in trashy areas--fairly accurate ID system but gets tricked here and there like most machines-- its top heavy and likes to tip over--last along time on 4 aa batteries--very lite machine-like stated before gotta move slower in mineralized areas--my favorite coils were the elliptical 18.75 and the 10 rd 18.75 :icon_mrgreen: --Good luck-Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Just my observations... While hunting for "crumb's" Try using different VLF's

and coils over the same areas. Each has different parameters...

Last fall I was nuggetshooting with Sandtrap (JerryBalcer) and Jack Leuf. At this time

we were rechecking old trommel workings on open BLM ground.... As always Jack was

finding gold. Sandtrap and I were getting the "Skunk." I decided to try my X-70...

I walked back to the vehicle and came up reworking the same ground we had earlier

detected. I recovered a nice nugget working behind Jack and Sandtrap.

Not that I'm better... "I'm not... but they were both using higher frequency detectors and

concentric coils. Possibly my 5x10 DD 18.75 kHz coil (at this particular time and place) gave

me an edge. Also, both Jack and Sandtrap were using manual ground balance detectors,

and we were hunting a mix of coarse and fine tailings. I was "tweeking" the tracking mode.

Luck was with me, I just happened to hunt the narrow bountary (sharp edge) between a

particular coarse to fine tailing zone. The nugget weighted about 12 grains, the

largest found that trip. Jack's were smaller, averaging around 6 grains. Sandtrap's find was

very impressive. He found it while we were coming back to the vehicle It was about about

2 grains and not in any tailings pile. This could be a tell-tale nugget and we should go back

when the weather is cooler, that is if the ground has not been claimed... (With the bump

in gold values, it may no longer be on open BLM ground.)

No area, no matter how well it is pounded is ever "worked out." The more you use

a particular machine and "tweek it," the better you will do. I'm finding the X-70 a good

choice in some areas. But, I also use other VLF- detectors. But the '70 is a good gold

machine... The more anyone learns its "secrets" and how to best "tweek it," the better

they will do using it... and it is also a coin machine...

I'm also using a Teknetics T-2. But so far have not found gold with it... but still trying.

Hopefully Teknetics will produce their long promised smaller coil... this could be the

edge needed...

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Adding to my last post... leaving to Nevada... back in about a week

If you have a X-70; I recommend joining the forum as mentioned

in an earlier post...

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