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1st outing of the year on the hill was a great time with good weather and a shower Sat evening to cool things down and settle the dust.

We ended up with seven trommels set up (all homemade) and 43 people in the split at the end.

All got a little gold on the split and I think everyone had a great time and the pot luck Sat. evening was fantastic as usual.

Sunday morning the club furnishes breakfast, eggs bacon and pancakes, and a half day run was made with another split.













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Thanks for the pictures. Looks like alot of fun.


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Gatorguy, The yellow tromel is the only one made with 55 gal. barrels the rest are 30 gal drums. Most are powered by 3 to 5 hp brigs&stratten engines with a Keene sluice. The first one was built by Estile Hunt. Mine is Estile #5,revision #87. These Tromels will process about 4 times as much dirt as a average Highbanker.We really had a fun outing this weekend and have at least one each month untill oct.We had a great time sitting around the campfire Sat. evining with Estile playing the gutair and all singing the oldie moldys. Take Care Harry

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Everybody looks busy, looks like a good club, great photos. I took a trip to Rock Creek in mid August 2003 and had to bail out and go to Virginia City (Montana) because of the 40 forest fires that were burning.. outside of the fires had a great time---Big Sky--impressive scenery. Took trips to some of the old mining camps, Grasshopper Creek (Bannock), Alder Gulch(Virginia City , Nevada City), Cable Mine, Butte, Anaconda Mine, Helena and Phillipsburg--a lot more to see just ran out of time. Thanks for the photos.

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