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Latest News on the GPX4500 DVD

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**….Announcing….‘The SETA Project’…**
(Steps to Enhancing your Techniques & Ability)

Hello everyone!

After commencing filming in March, Jonathan is finally nearing completion of the editing stage and, allowing for duplication and dispatch of product to the US, we hope to have the DVD available early-mid July. (All going well!)

In this fourth instructional DVD in ‘The Outback Prospector’ Series (the only instructional DVD series on PI detectors to be fully endorsed by Minelab/Codan and Bruce Candy), JP de-mystifies the GPX4500 labyrinth of menu options with in-depth explanations from Bruce Candy plus two key Minelab personnel. Learn to apply specific settings for different soil and coil types, how to customise your 4500 to suit your personal preferences, get the best set up for the latest detecting accessories plus identify common detecting errors.

With an expected duration of more than 3 hours, we will be releasing the GPX4500 DVD (OBP4), titled ‘The SETA Project', as a 2-DVD set, similar to ‘The GPX Factor’ and will be priced at US$77.50 MSRP (less than 3 grams of gold!).

Remember…it’s worth considering The ‘Outback Prospector’ DVDs as the next best thing to a personal training session with JP! Purchasing the new DVD represents just over $20 per hour for expert advice based on proven field knowledge from a professional prospector with 20 years experience across Australia, access to Minelab’s R&D department and a personal friendship with Bruce Candy, the brains behind the entire Minelab detector technology.

Gain the knowledge to fast-track your detecting skills…all from the comfort of your sofa! Customers who learn the skills required to operate these complex machines are more than likely to be successful with their new detector and therefore have the confidence to continue with their hobby.

We have had quite a few customers contact us who have upgraded from a 3000/3500 to the 4500 asking when the ‘GPX4500 DVD’ will be available. As ‘The SETA Project’ will concentrate on explaining only those features new to the 4500, for customers to better understand the new digital GPX platform we would recommend purchasing ‘The GPX Factor’ in conjunction with the GPX4500 DVD.

As a special introductory offer for these customers, we’ll have GPXDVD COMBO deals available for a limited time only! Purchase both OBP3 ‘The GPX Factor’ and OBP4 ‘The SETA Project’ for US$120.00 (a saving of $15.00!)

We recommend dealers and customers contact us as soon as possible to reserve stocks of the new DVD to ensure best possible savings on COMBO deals.

Thanks for your continued support (and patience!) and we’ll email those who have contacted us direct and also post on the forums as soon as we have stock available.

‘The Outback Prospector’ Series of instructional DVDs…worth their weight in gold!


Jonathan & Frieda Berry-Porter


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JP; I have enjoyed all the previous C-D's you were involved in and expect this newest will be well worth the price....where else can anyone buy their own private instructor for about $25 an hour...not to mention the rewind and replay factor...

best wishes to you, Frieda and the boys


BTW, how did you go in WA this year?

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Ok then Bill,

put me down for one of the ones JP sends you...


G'day Flak, videos in the can so to speak and have finally finished the Promo as well, if you want to take a peek go to our web site and hit the file download. AurumAustralis web page


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