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Should I get a 4500?


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I have a question for 4500 or 4000 owners who have owned or used a SD2100v2 . I know they are more sensitive on small gold but are they really any better on deep larger nuggets? I usually hunt with a 14" or 18" coil going for bigger stuff at greater depths because it seems like all the little shallow ones have been gotten by the guys with VLF detectors in the areas I usually go ( so cal deserts). I currently have a SD2100v2 w/pocket rocket regulator and black widow headphones and looking to see if it is justifiable to get a 4500, If so I will get one.


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I would say if your just after the bigger deeper ones then keep your 2100-in the right hands they don't leave much-but unfortunetually a big percentage of the nuggets in most patches are small and the Gp series does have the advantage over the 2100 in that department as far as depth on small gold--as far as depth atvantage on big gold the Gp series might have a slight edge over the SD's--but the Gp' real advantage is small gold at depth--hope this helps-Mike C...

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