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Yo All...Extended my prospecting to a new area where it looked like maybe the old timers had shoveled out of the small wash, even though there were only a few decernable header piles and no evident tailing piles...But it just looked right...I started hitting old rusty bits and square nails--a bunch of them...The ground was mostly hot basalt...After a couple hours digging trash on the benches and in the wash I finally decided I'd had it...I climbed out of the wash and walked toward my quad ...About 12 feet from the wash I got a good sounding signal that seemed different from the square nails I'd been getting...Down about 10 inches the target was screaming and out of the hole....Exactly 1/2 ounce slug with only a little bit of quartz peeking out here and there...It was too hot to continue on today, but I'm hoping this nugget bearing flat continues on...As usual, bunch o' pix...Cheers, Yer Happy Unc in the Dubyah






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Hi Jerry & Terry...Yeah, it took three years of research to find the area and now I've got nine months into exploring it...This experience has brought about a whole change in my outlook and relationship to nuggetshooting...The gold is cool, of course, but it's the experience of figuring things out and observing that is the real thrill...My first five months of this year I had an attitude problem, but then I began studying things and it all changed...I don't think I can ever go back to hitting pounded patches again, which, with some pretty good exceptions, is what I've done for years...Cheers, Unc

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Yo Billy....Yes, I saw you and was going to chase you down to show you some nuggets and some GPS coordinates....But I had to go pee pee... :laught16:

Mike, I was working one up for you but my finger paints got all dried up... :innocent0002:

Cheers, Unc

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