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Hello everyone I just got home from a few days at Rye Patch and want to post a photo of about 30 dink's that are very rough and knarly but the groves and pits all full of really hard dirt. How best to clean them so they look all bright like the gold they are instead of little dirt clods??

WSPA # 24


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Hi Glenn,

For starters, I use CLR, or Lime-away. You can buy that stuff at any Walmarto, or other store in the kitchen soap/cleaners department. Those do a pretty good job, and after rinsing the crud off, you might try using an old toothbrush over a small container of water, dipping occasionally to clear the fine stuff off, plus keeps you from losing your nuggets down the sink. You might consider wearing some thin paint gloves to protect your hands, as the cleaners are mild acids....Oh yes, and do protect your eyes as well!

There are other methods, but I will let someone else chime in...

Good luck, and once you get 'em cleaned up, post 'em, so we all can enjoy!


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