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Howdy Gang,

Well since the run-in with the "sand sausage", AKA Rattle snake, I decided to play it safe and hunt meteorites in the back yard. Last night I decided to do some shooting of the stars and came up with some cool images. Granted, this was a shoot and try with the wife's camera, a Canon Rebel EOS Digital SLR. I took some pics in B&W to see if they would look any better, but not to shabby for a light-polluted back yard of N. Las Vegas.

Here is pics of M-57 the Ring Nebula, M-3 Globular Star Cluster, and M-51 Whirl pool galaxy. I was quite impressed with the pics, for what the camera is and the set-up. Hope you all enjoy. Jason :;):




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Hi Bob, the focal length is 2000mm or f/10. I also used a Lumicon Giant Easy Guider to connect the camera to the scope. I was pretty impressed with the pics. With Las Vegas, there really isn't a dark spot to be found. Tonopah is supposed to be the number 1 destination for dark skies. One day I'll get up there and do some real imaging. Jason :;):

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Sweet pics! Those would make awesome screen savers for sure!

I was driving home from a days hunt and saw a falling star that was very bright, I bet your camera would have taken an awesome pic of it! Try it some time in the mountains of New Mexico where it can get pitch black.


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