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John B.

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Hi All

Once again the Detectors Unlimited Inc club is having a gold coin raffle. There are only 2000 tickets available so your odds of winning a coin are one in five hundred with the purchase of one ticket . One in fifty with the purchase of 10 tickets and one in five with the purchase of 100 tickets. The tickets are $2.00 each and there are 4 gorgeous coins.

First Prize is a 1909 $10.00 liberty head gold eagle that will grade at least XF. This 99 year old coin contains nearly 1/2 ounce of gold.

Second Prize is a 1901 $5.00 liberty head gold half eagle that will grade at least XF. This 107 year old coin contains nearly 1/4 ounce in gold.

Third Prize is a 1914 $2.50 indian head gold quarter eagle will also grade at least XF. This 96 year old coin contains nearly 1/8 ounce of gold.

Forth Prize is a 1986 $1.00 silver eagle bullion coin in mint condition. This coin contains one ounce of pure silver.

The drawing will be at our club meeting the 4th tues in November and you need not be present to win. All postage will be reimbursed for ticket purchases and the insured postage to mail the prizes will be paid by our club. These are some gorgeous highly prized and collectable coins which I personally picked out for the club. The winners will not be disappointed, our last raffle two forum members Bunk won 1st prize and JJJJerry won 2nd prize.

Checks made payable to Detectors Unlimited Inc. can be mailed to.

Detectors Unlimited Inc.

PO Box 42423

Tucson Arizona 85733

Please enclose your mailing address and phone number and I will fill out your ticket stubbs and return the tickets ends to you along with reimbused stamps for postage. Good Luck everyone !! Happy Huntin John B.


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Hi Lucky Bunk and John

Yes Detectors Unlimited Inc is a non profit local Tucson Club. Monthly it helps support many charities with it's members finds and donations. One of it's many functions and directions is to support it's members and all metal detecting and treasure hunting in general. Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi All

Thanks, John, Calvin, Jerome and Al for your support of the Detectors Unlimited Inc. Club :innocent0002: . It's a great organization helping to ease up laws, rules and assorted BS pertaining to detecting and prospecting :hmmmmmm: . Your support is very much appreciated :whoopie: :whoopie: :bowdown: :bowdown: !! Good luck in the draw gents :woohoo: !!

Happy Huntin John B.

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Just curious why Detectors Unlimited comes up a "page not found". Would be wondering where my check went.


Well I am feelin lucky, will send a check tomarow.


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Hi All

Tom I thought you split town and headed for mosquitoville :Huh_anim]: ??? Billy Bob I haven't recieved a check from a Bill or a Bob as of yet :hmmmmmm: ?? The club has a new webmaster who's rebuilding our web site :woohoo: . This has been going on for several months but hopefully will be up soon :confused0013: . These really are some gorgeous coins and great odds and a great club :whoopie: !!

Happy Huntin

John B.

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