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Montana...ya just gotta love it

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Here it is June 10th and look what started this morning and is suppose to last until tomorrow.

John you mentioned the heat in AZ, well look at the nice cool weather we have here in MT so :raspberry: Might as well stay indoors today and :coffeetime: while I :comp: because is not a good day to :icon_mrgreen: and just maybe a little later on I will :sleeping-smiley-009[1]:

Allen in MT


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All I can say is.......................Thats just wrong. Just when do you do summer? Mid-July or August 1st?


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Yep ... Here in the Northeast we are into the 4th day of a heat way ... The coast of NH is 96 degrees last time I looked about 15 minutes ago. Problem here is not the heat so much as the humidity and air polution! Cold front comes in tonight ... hopefully tomorrow brings low 80's and cleaner air coming down from Canada.


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