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8 year old Zaya's find of the day

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Hello all

This evening my grandson Zaya and I hunted in a new spot and he found his first Rattler! :yikes:

He was ready though with his trusty sling shot.

We did not find any meteorites but we had a great time. Zaya was a trooper and did alot of swinging today! :icon_mrgreen:

We are a little more leery of the snakes even though we have not seen any the last 1/2 dozen hunts or so.

Even though we got skunked today :skunkkitty2: and did not find any meteorites, we still had a great time. More good memories! And alot of talking and questions!


Zaya and Ampa together hunting


Digging a target, do you see how serious he is?


Zaya's find! Whoa nelly!


Zaya was well ready for snakes or other creatures with his trusty sling shot!


Thanks for looking all, it means alot to Zaya and I as well!! Happy hunting to you all!

Dean and Zaya

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Its great to see the two generations together sharing the experiences.

This is the time of year to be aware of your surroundings for sure.

Keep searchin for the exciting finds that can be out there. :icon_mrgreen:

Hapy Huntn.

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Its great to share with your kids and grandkids. My grandson will be back with us in August and he can not wait till I get better so we can go prospecting.

With my grandson learning the tricks of the trade we are now entering 4th generation of prospectors.


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Hello Dean and Zaya,

you must be brave Zaya!

I would run!

Snakes give me the willys when I am out in the desert, at first, then I go back and take pictures.

My grandson is only three but he loves meteorites.

Whenever he sees a new rock in my car that he hasn't seen before he asks me if it is a meteorite.

That was Elijah a couple of years ago.

Maybe you can see it. I am not sure if you have to belong to the group or not.


Happy hunting,


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Ahh,the best treasure of all! Spending time with loved ones. :wubu:

Looks like a future treasure hunter is in the making. Keep up the great work and enjoy each others company while out in the wilderness.

Have fun and be safe out there guys!!!


Stan aka Kaimi

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It sure is a good feeling to be able to be out hunting with Zaya. He was hooked from our very first meteorite hunt we took to Correo! We will be careful and I know for sure Zaya will keep his eyes open, he was a little nervous for sure.

29 Prospector,

It is good to hear you are doing better, take your time and heal well before you go out. No sense in jumping the gun. I bet your grandson is anxious to go. Zaya asks me at least 2-3 times a week when our next trip is. So far my daughter Celina has been out with me a found two siderites. Unfortunately Zaya has yet to make his first find but I am sure he will.

Wow four generations of prospectors!!! ( a ton of knowledge for sure! )

Meteorite Huntress,

Hello, Zaya was a little nervous at first but after a couple minutes I had to keep telling him to make more space!

I'm sure your grandson will be out hunting sooner then you think! I was unable to see Elijah's photo.

Speaking of rocks, I quiz Zaya on rocks we both find and he says " nope, thats a meteorwrong! " He still has the meteorites Ruben sent him and if I take one with us he is able to identify it. He's learning.


You are right! A true treasure it is. The day we hunted he made it known that when he was 10 years old he would be able to hunt the BIG mountains with me! He took a tumble and scraped his side and leg :banged: and has a nice bruise to show for it. He's a trooper though and said even with the fall he is ready to do it again!!

Take care all-----May you swing over a good target with a better find at the bottom of the hole!!! :postdigger:

Dean and Zaya

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Hi Dean,

It's great to have someone to share the adventure with. I foresee Zaya becomming a very skilled and tenacious hunter at an early age. He's got a good teacher! Thanks for sharing a slice of the hunt with the rest of us.


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Way cool pictures! You guys be careful out there!

I haven't hunted that area but I think if I was there now, I would certainly hunt without earphones on just so I could pick up a snake rattle in time to run up a big tree or jump in the back of the truck or sumpin like that : ). Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Mike in CO

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Thanks for the kind words! I enjoy sharing a part of our hunts with the forum and with friends like you.

Zaya will be thrilled when he reads these comments.

A funny note: he was sitting with me when I posted this and noticed the skunk I added. His comment was " Ampa we didn't run into a skunk and get skunked! " Ha Ha I had to explain that one, now he understands the concept.


Thanks for the kudos!

We hunt with ear phones and just so happened that we saw it first. When the headphones came off I was surprised to not hear any rattling as we did end up a little to close for comfort. This guy only rattled when I finally scooted him on his way with a stick!

Makes you wonder how close we may possibly get to these snakes and never even know it! Both when detecting and also digging targets with our faces close to the ground and in the strike zone if one is near and not seen.

Dean and Zaya------Always careful as we can be given the terrain and of course the bug, you know the BUG!

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