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John B.

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Hi All

I just want to tell a little story and give mucho Kudos to my friends :whoopie: . Sunday I headed up to Pheonix for a real estate auction. Mike K ( my financial advisor )and I spent most of the day with our ear drums burning listening to houses bieng sold on the auction block :brows: . I bidded on a couple from Tucson but won nothing :shrug: . Geeze it seemed like half the houses in Phoenix were up for sale. Since I bored Mike all day I bought him a nice dinner and he put me up at his place for the night :zzzzz: . Today my first stop was to deliver a couple pounds of gold nuggets and 70 or 80 pounds of assorted ores to the Arizona Mines and Mineral Museum :hmmmmmm: . I Finnally got to meet the new collection Curator Jan and I delivered the goods. Many gorgeous honkin nuggets from AZgold Don's patch some nice Venenzuala lumps and a chunky GV nugget I found earlier this year. I also delivered a boat load of paperwork and a bucket full of ore samples . The samples included donations from AZ4AU Mike K., Mike Boggs and a bunch I collected. The ore specimens sure are ugly compared to the nuggets. Well from there I met up with one of the worlds renowned meteorite /gold hunters Goldstudmuffin Russ for breakfast :chowtime: . From there Russ and I headed over to the Meteoritics dept at ASU and wandered around there for awhile. Well we finally met up with Rebeka and Lawrence the new meteorite classifier and curator of thier collection. We managed a quick tour of thier vaulted room :WOW: WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW you should see the collection in there. Where's my camera when I need it :smack: ?? I told Russ to quickly fill his pockets but try not to break his toes :laught16: !! They got some whoppers ( I'm guessing several hundred pounders) Irons, Stony irons, Pallasites up the kazoo Stones and all kinds of achondrites and oddities in there :tisc-tisc: . Poor Russ he was sooooo cornfused but he's just learnin this stuff :confused0013: . Me ,I had a problum just trying to keep from stepping on my tongue :shrug: . Believe it or not I actually helped them sort out some of the meteorites they were confused on. Well Goldstudmuffin is quickly becoming an icon in the meteorite hunting world and has graciously earned thier respect and mine as well :bowdown: :bowdown: . It won't be to long before he gives up nugget huntin and changes his name to Meteoritestudmuffin :innocent0002: !! Well Russ dropped of a couple of his new finds and I delivered a find the Azgold Don made !! Don is already a living legend hunting nuggets now he's probably gonna do it in space rocks as well :wubu: !! Well the KUDOS go to AZ4AU Mike K, Mike Boggs and Azgold Don Poteet for thier assistance in helping the Mine and Mineral Museum educate the public on our dying breed the prospector :bowdown: . The KUDOS to Goldstudmuffin Russ and Don Poteet for thier help in learning where humanity has come from and headed to :bowdown: !! Gentlemen you are giants in my book :wubu: !!! Happy Huntin John B.

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Yep, half of Phoenix is for sale :laught16:

44,119 properties match your search, 15,905 with multiple photos

There are 56,674 available Phoenix, AZ area Real Estate Listings and Homes for Sale

I don't think this includes foreclosures.

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