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Looking at getting a new camcorder for doing mining related video's. With so many choices out there I have narrowed it down to Canon or Sony and have decieded on a 3ccd type camera with a good image stabilizer, with remote mic plug and has broadcast quality. But what type of recording device should I get???????

One with a built in hard drive,

one with a PC card/memory stick or

one with a DV tape

pro's or con's on any of them

the one's I'm looking at are used and still run about $7-$900.00 example Sony Trv900.

any suggestions or comments??

Allen in MT

some gold I recovered above the artic circle in AK


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Hi Allen, :icon_mrgreen:

As you know, I have done a number of different Outing Videos. If I had unlimited funds to buy high dollar equipment then mass storage $$ would be good.

I use a small Panasonic 3ccd camera with DV tape and it has worked excellent for me and I have shot and edited 100's of hours of DV. DV tape is the only way I would ever consider going, unless you are going to do HD.

All things are relative to the amount of money you want to spend on video/editing/sound equipment. Skys the limit, as I am sure you have discovered. Quality=$$$$$ , but all things are relative.

Take Care

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