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Our wet, rainy, trip to the north

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Well since I'm out of the hospital for now! I guess I'll post about our trip up north over memorial day weekend, it was wet! Shep got skunked, lost his wedding ring, I found one little nugget a 1/2 DWTer and my uncle found a 1.1 dwt nugget. I also lost my magazine holder and two 10 round magazines for a model 22 glock 40 cal. fully loaded. Not a good trip. It rained almost all the time we were there, our tent leaked, all our stuff got wet. Heres some pictures, Tex Garmany, Allen Cooksey{my uncle} Jim Owens from Carson City, Shep, and athe gang from up north. No pictures of them. They were stelth. Grubstake TEX Garmany is the little guy in the blue plad shirt, his broth John was a long time resident of Desenburg LDMA and had a bad stroke last year, his stuff is still parked there, but he just had another stroke and is in really bad shape, out in FL. right now. Jim Owens is the big guy in the levi jacket, christmas day of 1981 he found a $5 shults and CO. gold coin on the beach in Monterey calif. it was actioned off for $45,000.00 by an action house in San Francisco. only 12 know to exist and his was the best of the 12, with a mint flaw in it to boot. The coin resently sold for $100,000.00

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Lets check this good time out:

Three days of rain in leaky tent

Two 40 cal. Glock magazines with ammo - lost $100.00+

One lost wedding band-lost $200.00+

Shep having enough beer, not to mention the tequlia

Good friends

1 1/2 Dwt in two gold nuggets-------------------PRICELESS ?

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I know thats a fact Bill, I can't go detecting, until my doc says ok, I see him Wensday, I hope I can talk him in to letting me hunt SAT. if I take it slow and easy. The wife is on my butt now saying I'm rushing it and doing too much too soon. But we only live once, and I want to do it my way, or not at all. Grubstake

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I would kill for 3 days in a leaky tent with my buds right now.... :outtahere:

Thanks for sharing, Bill

Well bring your ass out here already, it may not rain but if you just want to be in a tent that leaks bring some beer and I will make sure that your tent will leak on you. Brother, you need a break. Come on out.


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