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JIM, I'M getting feeble in the brain :confused0013: I can't remember what decimal thickness you suggested I buy for a cutting blade for my rock saw.????????

Thanks in advance.

Hapy Huntn


I use a 6" trim saw for most of my small cutting and have a .012 blade on it. It is a very fragile blade and requires that you treat it careful by feeding the material slowly and well aligned. If I am slicing egg size and up to medium potato size, I try to use at least a .021 to .024 blade. If you are going to use an 8" blade, get a .023 or slightly larger. If you are using a 10" blade, make sure it is at least .031.

The 6" saw is usually reserved for trim work and small chunks of material, I however have used mine to slice thru 2" thick material on many occasions with the .012 blade. It is hard to obtain multiple accurate slices on the bigger material with the thin blades. The thin blade really is a material saver when slicing items such as turquoise, coral, lapis, gold/quartz specimens and or course Meteorites.

Do not try slicing up any Iron meteorites with your expensive lapidary blades.

Stop by the house and I will show you a few blades and give you some more information.

I got a 20" saw with 3 blades that I will sell you for cutting up that 100 lb chondrite that you and that GMT are bound to come across one of these days....... :woohoo: :;):


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