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The cleaning of BUN

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Anyone who has found nuggets at Greaterville knows some of those nuggets can be really pretty and some can be butt ugly.

A few years ago I found this nugget, I called it BUN (But Ugly Nugget) and always wondered what it looked like under all that ugliness.

Well, when I saw Gus in Idaho’s post on Finds Treasure Forum about using Whink to clean up one of his nuggets, I decided to give it a try and here are the results.

Here is BUN before the Whink soak, weight 12g



Here is BUN after 5 days in Whink, weight 11.3g.



Now it looks more like gold but I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but I think I liked it better the way it was. It looked more rugged and natural, even though it was ugly. Now it kinda looks like a delicate painted hussy.

Oh well, it’s done now, but I don’t think I would do it again.

Happy hunting


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I agree with you it looks very nice now but honestly I think the original was as nice as the modified version... just in a different way.

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Hi Neil,

Sorry if I encouraged you to tamper with you nugget, and you are displeased.

But Neil by the looks of it, its not finished yet.

It needs another couple/few weeks of soaking, and you should be able to completely remove all the rock.

I think you would be more happy with it once all the white cruddy looking rock is completely removed.

Soak it for a week at a time, removed it and scrub it with a toothbrush and soap, let it dry and then scrub it again. Put it back in for another week. Continue this process until all rock is removed, and all you have left is a shiny nugget.


For those who did not see my Whink nugget....

Here is a before and after shot.

It took me 6 weeks of this process to get this clean.


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Hi John,

Whink is a rust stain remover, it is sold at hardware stores.

I think its mostly water, but it contains a diluted solution of 1-3% hydrofluoric acid.

Thats why it takes so long to dissolve the rock.

Whink is still pretty lethal stuff, and to anyone considering using it make sure to handle it with care.

They say that if a 50% or greater solution of hydrofluoric acid comes in contact with an area the size of the sole of your foot anywhere on your body your history.

Once it touches your skin it eats it way straight to the bone, and starts dissolving it. :scare:


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Nice nugget :headphones: I used wink one time on a specie-I did'nt have as good of results--- all it did was chaulk it all up---made it uglier--ruined it :tisc-tisc: no more wink for me :twocents: -Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Hi Neil and All

Neil I.ve ruined more than my share of GV nuggets. I believe the bulk of them start out as wire gold in small grained quartz. As the rock weathers off and breaks off the gold peans over on the exterior. HF or other HF products used to remove the quartz leave those peaned over ends too heavy to be supported by the natural cotton fiber sized wires. Causing many to break up or fall apart. Next time try majic green cleaner and an ultra sonic and it's natural beauty will be brightened and enhanced. Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Neil, I think the nugget turned out pretty good. I like it better after the cleaning, now you can see the gold in it. I wouldn't go any further trying to disolve the quartz, that would ruin it in my opinion.


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