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Mill Ball??? New Whatever???

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Hi All

First - Nice find Fred. Beautiful 200 gramer. :whoopie:

Been waiting for a guess on the suspect from my back yard. This may be a mill ball used to pulverize ore. Thought someone would guess this although, still not sure. View the pics on my web site. http://meteoritesrock.com/surprise.html

Here's another goodie that I found in the last couple days. Showed this around and again, no one has an answer. :shrug: Hopefully theres a rockologist out there that can help. It's highly magnetic, you can see the shine on the window in it. As you can see, very white in color between the iron nodules. Any ideas Del?

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:


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Wanye, thanks.

I found a very nice chunk of iron out in the desert...thought sure it was a piece of an iron meteorite until I got my mag-glass and found a makers-mark "made in USA" on it...I don't know how it got there but it did. Anyway, my guess is a piece of ripper blade or similar iron artifact.


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I subscribe to the Meteorite Magazine that is published bimonthly, it costs about 40$ ayear...the advertisment on the inside of the cover has a picture of three meteorites, one of them looks like your meteorite...also, Haags bok of meteorites has some similar pictures...

good luck


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