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I drove by the parking area that I gave out the Coordnt's to and seen a few trucks parked there, hope you all did well or atleast had some fun!

I tried for a short time in a new area and found this 14.1 grammer, the new settings I have are doing better than I expected, it was deeeeep!


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:WOW: Right on alan. I knew you couldN'T be down for too long. Those private lessons would pay off. A nugget of that caliber couldn't of come to a better man. Congrats bud. p.s.---- is that a 50 cent piece in the photo? :laught16: BROCK
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Hello Darren, it was down about 18 inches....whatever you do, don't get a 12x15 Commander... :innocent0009: :laught16:

Hey Brock, that's a silver dollar it's next to! :laught16:

Let me know when you guys can go, well put a hunt together.

Thanks again,


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