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What The GB2 MISSED!

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Yo Everyone...As I planned yesterday after finding that cute little DWT nugget in a hidden tailing pile area, I went back out today with my repaired Nuggetfinder 14" E Mono to see if there might be something deeper...HOLY FREAKIN' COW, WAS THERE!!!!....The gnose gnats were horrible, but my second target turned out to be this quarter ozt. beauty...It was down about 10 inches and I know that the day before I scrubbed the area good with the GB2 & " coil...My scuff marks were easy to see... :icon_mrgreen: ... So after takin' a bunch of phone camera pix, I was alreay ready to head out of that gnat infested wash....As I walked back to my 4-wheeler, I saw another coarse tailing pile that I had really massaged with the GB2 the day before...As I scrubbed the 14" Nuggetfinder (on my ol' Baboo SD2100, of course) I got a sound I was sure had to be a spike or something similar...One big whack and pull with my pick and I saw the Nugget pop out and roll down the face of the pile...I was, and still am, boggled...Almost one full ounce (.89 Ozt) and, as you can see, a real beauty with awesome character... Hope you'll all forgive all the photos, but, to celebrate getting my Nuggetbone honed down to a fine point, I took a buttload o' pix...Total of 1.13 Ozt....Not a bad hour of snortin' gnats & gigglin'... :woohoo: ... Cheers, Your dancin' Unc in the Dubyah










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Way to go Uncle Ron! If only the drywasher know what he missed... Your persistance and hard work really paid off! Congrats on finding those beauties!. Very nice!

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Hey Cuz,

I can just see you doing the happy dance :woohoo: :ROFL: :woohoo: :ROFL::WOW: when you found those nuggets!

Both sweet finds and to a deserving guy!

You da man fo sho! :bowdown: :whoopie:


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Great Job Ron! ... But I have to say that ole fiberglass 14 E nuggetfinder is BUTT UGLY! ... AND you unabashedly put your name on it ... Who the h--l would want to steal something that ugly? :laught16: The GOOD thing about though is you proved that it WORKS! :icon_mrgreen: :whoopie:

now go out there and get some more!


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Ron: That potato chip looking coil of yours can really sniff them out! A GB2 teamed with a 14" Mono on my older model GP Extreme get me good results -- but I ain't got nuthin lookin that good. Way to gooooooo! I hope you giggle all the way to the bank.

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