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Here they are (too many, PM's)!!

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Please fill your dig holes, pick up your trash and there is a red flag warning so no smoking in the field (as per BLM Regs) have fun and watch for snakes, that's all I ask!

Oh and NO Motorized Vech!!!

Redding areas:

Parking along Clear ck rd / BLM public land: 40 29.929N 122 27.628W

Slope patch / BLM public land (nice gold being found right now): 40 30.038N 122 27.721W

Rocker Patch / BLM public land: 40 30.064N 122 27.697W

Hillside patch / BLM public land (lots of detectable nuggets): 40 30.071N 122 27.742W

Diggerhead Patch / City of Redding (few 1/4 oz nuggies): 40 30.109N 122 27.515W

Deerleg Patch / City of Redding: 40 30.084N 122 27.528W

Rosebud Placers, Nevada North of LOVELOCK, not Winnemucca!...Sorry!! LARGE AREA!!!

Camp BLM public land (drive right to here): 40 47.114N 118 42.201W

Patch BLM public land: 40 47.667N 118 42.417W




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Thanks for the info--I am planning a trip to No Cal and No Nevada so this would fit well into my schedule, imagine lots of fellows will be out there but hope I can find a few left over 1 pounders. Thanks again and god bless.----HAMMER

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Thanx for the chance was going to wait until the smoke cleared guess you got inundated LOL........Geo

may not ever make it but at least if I ever get in the area I can give it a go

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Mahalo for sharing info on these spots. Unlike others who think that because they located a couple of nuggets that it is now "their spot" and no one is allowed to hunt these areas, you show a true kindship with your fellow forum members.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Yeah, thanks.

TrinityAu will have those patches in Redding cleaned before any of you even get there! HA! :laught16:

Never mind I Google Earthed it; we already know about those patches and they've been pretty cleaned out already. Though, you didn't mention the big one located there that over 10lbs was found by Trinity Au, with a pounder found in the area. Though you never know... Good luck!

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