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That 3/4 Oz'er Did Too Have Some Siblings...

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Yo All...After being house bound with truck problems for the whole Memorial Day weekend, got a new fuel pump in and headed out yesterday (Wed.) with the idea of checking out with my Gold Bug 2 the seemingly barren gulch where I found the 3/4 Oz'er ...That turned out to be a good idea because ol' Baboo GB2 picked up a hint of a signal down in a bedrock crack...Took me quite a while to find it, but I knew it was gold from the signal...That's what I like about the GB2...It almost draws a picture for me after so many years of using it...Finally, I busted the bedrock down about 5 inches and there was the obvious brother to the nice one I found a few weeks ago and it was less than 10 feet from where I found this one...Weighed in at 0.5 grams, very coarse...

So then I headed down the gulch and quickly got another signal...Once again the disc signal was strong with no warble to it...GOLD...Well, it was a dink, about 3 grains, but it was gold...

Yesterday afternoon, after finding those two lil' nugsters, I decided to take the long trail back to where my truck was parked...Puttin' along on my quad, my attention was drawn to a pile of dirt that didn't seem to fit into the regular desert landscape...So I stopped and hiked down a ways...There, hidden by the Palo Verde was a very old drywasher area with a bunch of tailings piles....No sign of any beepster anywhere...I was excited...Virgin piles to rake and strange looking ground to beep...Lots of very hot basalt...

Today I went back and started beeping the tailings ... Found a few square nails but very little trash...The ground was very hot, but I just kept dialing in the GB2 ... I used it instead of my minelab because I was anticipating super dinks...After a couple of hours the nose gnats were making me crazy and I was sweating pretty hard in the 100 degree heat...I worked tailing pile after tailing pile with zero results...But then I finally got a good signal...Flipped the Disc switch and it screamed GOLD...Down just about 3- 4 inches was the nice little golden disk...Exactly one penneyweight--1.5+ grams...(It's at 9 o'clock on the group studio portrait.)

Next I'm gonna go back with a couple of my Nuggetfinder and Coiltek coils because I think there's some deeper nuggets...A fun couple of days!!!

Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah





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Hey Cuz,

That is some pretty sweet gold!

Good thing you went back and did a little more sniffin' around.

Appears to be a 6 inch coil on your Gold Bug...

Those coils, and that machine are the greatest

I will agree!

Thanks for your dandy pictures!


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