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Hey All:

My name is Mike and live in Newhall Ca about 45 miles north of Los Angeles just off I 5. Have been prospecting since 75 an reading everything and anything I can about the local history I can get my hands on.

Well in 91, I located a bench up in the Los Padres 1 week when I was prospecting, 9 miles from the closest parking and the only way to access this site is by foot and this trek takes about 4 1/2 hours to walk. Across the creek from the bench, there sits an old mud and wood foundation that was once an old timer's cabin along with an old mine and I have been working it ever since with great success.

My prospecting arsenel consists of, Magnum Research Desert Eagle 44 mag for protection, 50" sluice, 10" pan, D1 (shovel), 22 pound double end pick, 2 - 5 gal buckets loaded with provisions, 2 classifier's, a bed roll and all is loaded up on a back pack except for the buckets which I carry by hand and the combined weight of everything is approximately 78 pounds. Needless to say after a 4 1/2 hour trek I'm as worthless as chicken teeth for about the first hour I'm at my site, so I usually just set up camp for a stay.

Now the reason that I mentioned the little story of my adventure's is to say something about a new tool that I aquired for my arsenel. It's called an Apex Pick and I first heard about it on this forum, then looked up their website to see what they offered. I liked what I saw so decided to purchase one. I ordered it on a Thursday and to my surprise, it showed up on the folowing Monday. Well the pictures on the website don't do this pick justice. The Apex Pick is lite weight and very sturdy in all aspects and very well balanced. It has no play what so ever in the handle and the arrangement of the strategically placed super magnets is awesome as not to interfere with the business end of this pick.

I have used alot of different picks over the 17 years that I make this journey and have broken or bent everyone. I have spent alot of money tring to lighten up my load and have learned to test my new equipment before taking them up on the mountain. Useing a single jack I will hit the tip and edge to see if I could ether bend or dent it. The Apex Pick held up without a flaw. Weighing in at just 4.75 pounds, you can understand how excited I was getting when testing this new piece of equipment.

I loaded up my truck the folowing friday and set off for my site to work my bench. I still took my 22 pounder with me just in case I needed to fall back on old reliable as not wanting to get there and not have something to use.

Well the Apex Pick held up without any flaws and being lite weight I could swing this thing all day. I have been useing the Apex Pick now for 3 weeks and no sign of damage or loosening of the handle. My last trip I didn't even take my old pick I'm that confident that the quality of this Pick will hold up to all the punishment that I will put it through.

After my first trip up on the mountain, when I arrived home and received an e-mail from Mr Kelly, to my surprise, saying that they were reimbursing me for the overage on the shipping charge. That to me shows class and integerty from a company that has morale and ethical values.

By no means do I have anything to do with Apex Picks but just wanted to let the prospicting community know about a superior product and a First Class Company that Mr. Brian and Mr. Kelley put their brand on. Check them out.



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5150,that's a hell of a load for a 41/2 hour hike.This must be a great area to make such trip.Is that gravel cemented?Use to have the quarterly reports of the state mineralogist from the 1930's on those areas.Sounds like quite an area........Dave

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I can also say that it is one hell of a pick. I have had mine for over a year and have put on a large rare earth magnet for picking up them meteorites out at Franconia and Gold Basin. Light weight and strong! Nuff said!!


Stan aka Kaimi

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