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new coils for the gp and gpx detectors!!


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hi all,

here are the new coils for the gp and gpx detectors.

i start testing them tomorrow, th one i am testing is the 15x12 inch.

there are 3 coils available 15x12 18x15 and 21x17 inch.

the weight of the coils are much lighter about 200 grams lighter than the 15x12 commander coil.

better disc,depth and more stable than other coils available for the gpx range detectors



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Interesting coil design, obviously an extreme departure from what we

are used to seeing.

Keep us posted on your testing, I know there will be many people

interested in your results.

Perhaps some anticipated idea of cost/U.S. and projected availability date?

Thanks for all the information you are able to provide!

And maybe company name?


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hi all,

because almost everything is seeded i went testing on the beach.

my first impresion with the sef coil is good just like i aspekted.

all the thinks they told by detech is no lie.

it feels much lighter then the commander coil, this is because his lost on weight and the balance is much better.

i have dug zero iron on the beach so thats nice.

i had the iron disc on 5.

the wet salt beach is just the same as with the commander coil no problem not one false tone.

sunday we are testing on a roman site with 4 people 1 explorer se,2 gpx 4500 with different coils and the tejon.

it's also possible the search one the beach with the groundbalance of.

in no-time i had enough euro's to buy i nice pint of beer :laught16:

sunday is the better test then we can see how he preform on relic hunting.





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You say the coil is made for the Minelab 4500.

Is there a reason why the coil shown here, would not work on any of the other Minelab SD series, or GP3000, GP3500, or GPX4000 machines, and only exclusively on the Minelab 4500?

All the aftermarket coils such as Coiltek, Nuggetfinder will work on all of the Minelab SD, GP, and GPX4000 as well as the Minelab 4500 detectors, as far as I know. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I would be quite surprised if your coil shown here did not fit the above mentioned detectors.

Would you check on this and let us know?



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