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Detecting rock walls???

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As you can see in this photo I'm scanning a quartz mine wall and following a reddish stained seam. Although I didn't find anything I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience detecting mine shaft walls. I was using a GGB II.

Is there one detector that is better than the others for penetrating the quartz??

What has been your experience??? and did you locate anything.

Allen in MT


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Hi Allen

I've had many successes with the Goldmaster series. I should think the GB2 should be just about as good or better on small disceminated stuff. Try the 14 inch coil with a low sensetivity for deeper masses !! I think the GM is a little more stable and will do better if there's lots of changes or high mineralizarion. The higher Kz of the GB2 makes it tough if they're noisy walls. Always check the cielings and floors because they generally took out the contact zone. Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Allen

One more thing you might try :hmmmmmm: . Hunt in a gold mine unless of coarse your looking for quartz :Huh_anim]: ?? But then why take a detector if your looking for quartz :shrug: ?? I guess I should have read your post better :angry-smiley-010: ?? Just why are you hunting quartz anyways :confused0013: especially with a detector :twocents: ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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Allen,why not sample that red seam at different spots along the strike?aA fabulous pocket was taken out not far from here on a quarter inch red clay seam.What if:confused0013: :confused0013: there's some nice higrade 4 or 5 feet into the wall?........Dave

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I've never tried detecting walls since I never found any gold mine that had potential and was safe to work in. But wouldn't you think a Minelab SD or GP series with a large coil would be best for detecting pockets or veins in the walls? :hmmmmmm: There's a lot mineralization in some of these mines and you'd think the PI's would go a lot deeper then a VLF-VHF detector, just like they would on the ground.


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Good morning Allen.....back in the mid 90's when the Minelab SD2000 had been out for about a year, a very successful

mine owner contacted me about detecting his mine where he had been having great success using a Whites Gold Master

but I don't remember the model.

The mine had many tunnels(?), don't know the terminology maybe drifts.....but that day I only detected a small part of

only one of them.....I found what the workers thought were just "hot zones" with a lot of mineralization present...all

of the seven spots I marked with a can of spray paint for the guys with the big drill on legs....as I left they were already

drilling at the first area I marked.....a lot of noise and not liking playing mole I left before the blasting took place which

was supposed to be the next day.....

Before we started that morning they brought out a huge piece of rock that I estimated weighed about 30 lbs. and was

loaded with visible specks of gold....then we tested the Gold Master and the SD2000....the Gold Master would detect the

specimen at about 15"....the SD2000 detected it at three feet....we were all surprised so in the mine we went....

Two immediate problems with using a big PI in a mine is the weight of the coil...especially when detecting overhead...

the other problem is the metal pipes....electrical lines....and small pieces of metal left in the walls and if there's metal

tracks on the floor that's a big problem......

I would suggest using a SD or GP with a 14"-15"-or 17" coil and if you have areas where a vein has been chiseled out

and the area is small then use a small coil like a Joey (10").....

Now back to that area I had marked and the drilling had started....I never saw the gold but one of the workers later

told me over 1,000 oz. had been blasted out of that one area...he didn't say what they found in the other six....

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