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Happy Birthday

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62, that age will get you a membership in the early old farts club. Hope that you have a Happy Birthday and many more. What flavor of ice cream you going to put on top of that big slice of cake?



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Greg,Jim and Frank....thanks for the wishes.A waitress gave me hot fudge over vanilla ice cream and a coffee shop mate bought me breakfast.Lost $40 at the Jackson Rancheria indian casino playing video keno,a true prospectors game,like finding a pocket....once in ahile it comes along.One more number ,one more foot on the coyote hole drift...a foot from a million/a million feet from a dollar as my mining engineer friend Bart Hanford always espouses....Greg,nothing on thr mining front fur a long time as I've lost my ambition for awhile and my good diggings have been over-run by higrading beepers from all parts of California.Just a little crushing and [anning out other peoples samples now and then.Waiting on a forum members quartz samples from Arizona to arrive in the mail and give him my for what it's worth.I don't charge for this service.Have an iron in the fire to teach a lady some sampling if it works out.Hope you guys are finding some interesting stuff.I miss the game but have no places at the moment to work,especially with my limited mobility and lack of desire.It does eat at me,not sampling as I know there's a few more pockets out there with my name on them.Just driving around and seeing the quartz veins on the road cuts and hillsides makes me curious and give me that old ITCH...........Dave :Huh_anim]:

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