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They got the pass open

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Thought I would take a run to ID and see if the pass was open, The sign said it was closed but I went anyway and there weren't any baracades as the MT side had plowed to the ID border. Didn't see any other vehicles. I got to the top and saw that the plow had got thru from the ID side, but was a little slushy, but I went for it. On the second curve on the down side I met the rotary plow on his way back up and the uphill lane looked good so I kept going down. Here is a picture at the top of the pass and the other pic is of on my return trip, wet but sunny and warm,

calling for the high 80's this weekend which will cause flooding, but might open up some new detecting areas with this much snow


Allen in MT



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I would say that Spring has not sprung yet in Montana...that is a good amount of snow! Is that more than usual?

Yup more than usual this year, the pass to the south of this one had a recorded 600+ inches this year, and with 25 degree higher than normal temps this weekend everyone is bracing for the floods


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