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Yo All...I went back to the dinky wash for four days in a row and found not another single target...Just a nice honking nugget and that's that...There's no overburden to speak of...Only about 5" -9" of red dirt... So, anyhow, I buffed the 3/4 Oz. nugget with soda and then soaked it in Limeaway...Purtied it up some...I think this is the most intrecate and beautiful nugget I've ever found...Cheers, Unc



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Wonder if it might hold some small gold for the drywasher or recirculating sluice in that dirt. That may just happen to be the only big peice. Or possibly the smaller stuff got moved further down that wash and that was the only peice left so close to the source. Gotta think long term in the past tense hehe.

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Even when it was dirty, I knew it was a special piece. That's a great find. Thanks for showing.


I Agree 100%

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Ron ,Gold quartz nuggets are my favorites,and that one is a real beauty. A neck hanger for sure.


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Hey Ron,

That is one great looking nugget.....good job.

There must be at least one more, small or large, somewhere around that area.

If I was a guessing man, I would guess that a nug.. like that won't be for sale.

Bob T.

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