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Gold Claim Scammer Story--Unbelievable!!!

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Yo All...Below is a composite of two emails a map customer sent me about his expensive experience with one of our favorite gold claim scammers:

I contacted him about a claim he had for sale near the Mule Deer wash, just down from the rest area, and actually not very far from the highway if you walked in. He talked a really good game, so I flew out to check out the claim. He had set a price on it, said he had tested it for gold (and that it had some), but I wanted to come out to check it to be sure. He told me that I could spend a day or two prospecting before making the decision to buy. Well, I checked it out. It was a great claim and had lots of gold! I really don’t think he had tested it at all. My only problem was that he showed up right as I was cleaning up at the end of the day. After seeing all the gold that I had found, he wouldn’t sell me the claim for the price he had quoted and immediately doubled the price on me. So, I spent about $800 to come out to buy a claim, only to have the guy refuse to sell it to me at the agreed upon price. He then advertised it on EBAY the very next day at the doubled price, showing the gold that he and his son had went out and collected the day after I left, in the spot that I had located, which he previously didn’t even know existed.

Really, really pissed me off!!!!

"Sucker" must have been what Bigelow thought when he saw what I pulled out of that little wash in about 3 hours work!!!! Whatever he thought, he decided it was worth twice what he had asked me for it and immediately doubled the price! I am sure he had never prospected it, and was selling it on a “theory” that there was gold there. When he saw what I had pulled out of there, as I panned it out, you could see the look of surprise on his face each time I washed back the black sands! I hated he was standing right there during my cleanup, but there was nothing I could do. I had cleaned the drywasher each run into a 5 gallon bucket, and to save on time, was waiting to pan it all out at one time until the end of the day. He got there right as I was panning the cons for the afternoon 3 hour run.

It was very frustrating because I flew out from the East Coast, rented a car for 3 days, got a room at the Wickenburg Inn for 3 days, all and all cost me a little over $800 to come out, for nothing! I was so pissed off when I flew out of phoenix the next morning I could have eaten 20 penny nails for breakfast without any milk. I don’t mind if you share the story, but I definitely would not want my name used. People would probably think… “Wow, what a sucker that guy is!”

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How crummy. It's like a murphy's law slapped this particular person in the face.

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Good point.

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:twocents: This reads like a Clint Eastwood flick--the good--the bad--and the UGLY!!!! :Huh_anim]: Paper claimers are running the hills. There was a WAITING LINE for the public room in Redding. All clean cut wannabe goldnutz!!! With absolutely no idea what a claim was,size,and nobody better put a foot on my property mindset-&^%$#@!!!!John

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Doesn't surprise me. This guy needs to be stopped.

Oh, btw, if you wanted to you could force him to sell the claim to you at the previous price. Verbal agreements will hold up in court just the same as a paper contract here in AZ. If I were you I'd make him sell it to you at the previous price.

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I can see why this guy don't want his name used.

Cleaning cons ,even on your own claim,is a good way

to invite trouble,if you are in good pay dirt. You never

know who is going to wander by.

Yeah the seller did a rotten thing,and I think it stinks

too. But in the real world when money ,or property

are involved there is lots more just like him. :ph34r2:

If the buyer had of used a little common sense,he

would have owned a good claim at the original price.

Also he had a chance to test it,and if it was worthless

he could have walked away. :outtahere:

The world is full of predators ,so you may want to

leave the rabbit suit at home. :laught16:

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I was kinda playing round with the idea of selling a few of them "claims" myself. But, then I got to thinking about all them young fellows out there that would be a chasing me outta the county. Since my recent heart surgery, about as far as I can run is to the bathroom and back to the couch. Just kidding guys. I almost got caught up in one of those scams a few months ago. If I hadn't been thoroughly informed by reading the post here, I would probably be out there on 160 acres scratching my head and wondering why I can't strike it rich.

As soon as my dr. releases me to travel, I hope to be well enough to be digging my 1000# a day and making my $10 days....LOL.

Still looking for around Oct. or Nov. to be in Az. and Ca. with a stop by Twenty Nine Palms on my way to Red Mountain and Goler Gulch.


"holed up in deming"

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I was looking at the classified in the ICMJ and noticed a bunch of new unpatented $4,000-8,000 claims for sale. Kinda looks like wildflowers after a summer rain, just a thought. Wyndham

$4000+ bucks payment for about $125 bucks and filing a little paper work :Huh_anim]: :tisc-tisc: :laught16::laught16::laught16: yeah that's a heck of a scam :twocents:

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