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29er Update

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I just got off the phone with our friend Bob Dunkin. He regained consciousness exactly 24 hours after going under. His voice is strong and for the first time in a long, long time he is not in pain. He says they are moving him around and that by roughly Tuesday he should be able to give out a somewhat permanent phone number. Things are looking good and periodically I'll keep everyone updated.

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Nice. Pretty amazing he's making phone calls so soon.

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That's Great, Bob...Lean into that sucker and you'll be up on the ground with a #2 before you know it...Cheers, Unc

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Micro Nugget

It's good to hear he's doing great.Do you have a home address so I could send him a card and a hospital phone number?

Do you know at this time how long will his stay be in the hospital?

Bob I know your a strong old bird but you take care of yourself and only leap over low buildings.For now this is all :coffeetime: you need to do,so later you can do :icon_mrgreen: this.

Best to you Bob!


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Wow. Totally missed this whole thread. I'm so glad that everything has turned out for the best. My dad went through some horrifying back surgery years back, an operation that was the first of it's kind. No back injury is fun. Heal Quick!!



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