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Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

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Side note. I personally feel that since he hasn't given up, and even going into surgery he was making future plans, God will respect his spirit and faith in recovery and help him along just fine.

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Bob's got mine and my my wife's too. The hand of GOD will guide the surgon's hand. Grubstake

Amen to that. I don't know many people on here, but anyone who's a respected friend of a forum such as this is well worth praying for. I don't know him, but God bless him, and I know he will make it through just fine.

Good luck 29, you'll be back in the field in no time!


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I am doin all I can to spiritually get him through this so he can come up and find a nugget or two dredging, that is the only way Bob has never found gold. He is a tough old coot and will do well and I pity the nursed that will have to put up with him for 10 days or so.

We area all pullin for ya BOB!

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Bob will pull thru this bump in the road, after all, he is a qenuine cut and dried hard rocker. Us hard rockers have a following of true blue tommy knockers and they help protect us. Bob has been in my thoughts and prayers today and it is nice to see all his friends posting good thoughts.



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