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What are the Chances/Persentages ????

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Spent the better part of 2 days at Gold Basin Az. I always wondered why they named it gold basin, for 2 years I never found any gold. Only fairy dust as the ol'lady calls it. A hard days work diggin an there it is a wee bit of fairy dust in the bottom of a wee glass bottle. :laught16: I've seen others get the gold but I never did.

Well my buddy commenced to bustin ass as soon as we arrived tues. about 6 AM. by 2 PM he had a case of sun stroke, when I say this guy digs you better believe me. I'll put him up against a backhoe anytime.

Me I'm gettin too old for that crap. Shoulders are shot, knees are gone, an the rest ain't in very nice condition. Needless to say I did'nt unload the truck of all the equipment I had I decided to "DETECT". Ya know walk around a bit with my Dr. Shoals {BATES} boots an trusty magic electric wand in hand. Like the Dr. says walking is good for you. Oh yeah don't forget my little 12 inch scoop I keep in my back pocket, I'm reminded of that every time I go to sit down I get hooked in the lawn chair with it ,somehow every time I sit but don't realize it till I go to get up then the chair an all comes with me.

WELL Gettin to the points in fact, first day got the bigger G.B meteorite by noon so I took it easy the rest of the day an watched my buddy work, I figured I did my share cause it weighted over an ounce an he would be workin all day an probably get 1/16 of an ounce of the good stuff.

Then came wed. the second day I'm diggin a hole to bury myself and keepin all the dirt to take home ,by noon I quit that stuff, I don't want ta get burned out on fairy dust in a bottle.

SO I start to suit up an go to an area I had picked out the day before I'm outta the truck about 12 minutes detecting an get a nice BIG mellow hit sorta large hit, look down an spot a meteorite, I PICK IT UP AND SAY TO MYSELF...NO THIS DID'NT MAKE THAT NOISE, NOT ALONE IT DID'NT. So I swing the exact spot after I picked it up because I just KNEW there must of been a larger piece down deeper that this broke off of. WHAM the noise changes now its a SCREAM, and my trusty iron readout dropped to about 1/10 th of what it was, Guess what was in the hole directly under the meteorite.

YES it not only was GOLD but a rare form I had only heard people speak about, MAGNETIC GOLD A host rock litterly filled with it. When I first located the target it was covered with caliche an dirt an I saw just a GLINT of GOLD, I ran back to the truck for the water bottle an cleaned it a bit an WoWie the pictures don't do it justice.

SO tell me what are the chances of hitting a meteorite an having a Magnetic Gold Specimin under it ????

And I mean under it, this sucker fell from the sky from outside this planet then I find it and with it MY FIRST GOLD BASIN SPECIMIN GOLD, I think its better than a nugget fer sure. 4 grams worth.

Hope you enjoyed readin about that POUNDED PATCH THEY CALL "GOLD BASIN AZ."




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I wondered where I layed those pieces, If I remember right, there were 2 meteorites and one specimen. :;):


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Wow, Frank,,,That's gotta be a first...That speci looks like an oriented meteorite...Mayhaps you got the first known goldrock from space :confused0013: :confused0013: ...An' it's a beauty...Good job...Cheers, Unc

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Hi Frank and All

Well Frank there is actually a very simple answer for that :hmmmmmm: . I know this answer has merit because of the hundreds of finds I've made there :shrug: . As the heavier gold settles out it causes little divets or dents in the surface of the soil :idea: !! Bingo Bango a king size space rocks splatters and sprickles little space rocks everywhere :yikes: . Odds are they will stop rolling in those little divits or holes left by those settling nuggets :smrt1: . A few thousand years latter my Pal Frank comes along and thinks he hit the lotto :woohoo: !! Well Frank I know this to be true because we found soooo many of them space rocks dug up and dropped in bushes or gently placed back in thier holes :whoopie: . Of course no one in those days knew those pesky hot rocks were in fact space rocks :laught16: . And with all those holes and the minelab dealers claiming their detectors would tune em out there must have been nuggets buried under them :confused0013: !! Some of my most favorite finds were the nuggets balanced on top of the space rocks glinting in the sunlight like a beacon yelling to me :wink2: !! Now Frank if you believe all that bullcrap I'll tell you another story :smilie_pinoc: !! Great finds Frank your doing great :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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:icon_mrgreen: Noy only YES--but LL YES!! :woohoo: We may be old,broken and in pain but your still in the game. Ya just gotta love these newer detectors-all brands. Fantastic finds!!Tons a au 2 u 2-John

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Dang, dang, dang, what great finds!!! I am happy for you...

I have yet to find a decent nugget in GB. Except for Mr B giving me a little Pointy finger help I may have never found even the speck I got, or my first metorites...

I think I will go back one more time...


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