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Hello from a newbie, with a ?


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I've lurked here for some time, trying to gain some knowledge. Recently, we've moved to the Kingman area, and I'm now in a position to dedicate ALOT of time to nuggethunting/prospecting.

I've lived the last 20+ years in southern AZ, and have been an avid relic hunter down there.

I bought acreage in the Dos Cabeza Mtn's and built a cabin...and of course you know the DC Mtn's have spit out a few nuggets, so I went and bought a Tesoro Lobo ST........used it quite a bit, but no luck.

SOOO..........we since sold our home in Tucson, our land/cabin in Cochise Co, and have moved up north.

The question is......WHO in the area would like to help a newbie get into this....I'm in my 40's, excellent physical shape, not easily discouraged, have 2 4x4 vehicles, not afraid of the heat, avid shooter/hunter.......and a desire to learn

Thanks in advance

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I would suggest getting involved with one or more of the prospecting clubs. You get to use their claims, so there is no possibility of being where you shouldn't be and they are known gold producers. There is one club headquatered in Kingman, sorry I can't remember the name, but I'm sure someone here will have it for you. Also the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America) has claims in the Kingman area. Those two would be your best bet in my opinion.


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The name of the club here in Kingman is the Mohave prospectors, but I dont know how their claims are. The GPAA has claims out to gold Basin to, and you might want to check the Havasu Seekers club down by Franconia.

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I do have an application for the Mohave Prosp. Assoc. in hand, and will be joining.....they only meet once a month though, and I was just trying to utilize all resources.

Anyone needing some "grunt work" done on a claim in exchange for teaching this ole' dog some tricks...I'm here.

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