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Rye Patch Dinks


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The good old Bug2. How I love to swing that little magic skunk repelling wand. From the looks of it your 11 dinks probably weigh in the vicinity of one gram total. So what if they aren't in one solid nugget? Gold is gold and I'll take it in any shape or form. Good day's work!

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Like Micronugget says: Any gold is good gold no matter the size.

Nice work!


Stan aka Kaimi

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Last report in said COLDER than a divorce lawyer out there??? Your testiculiar fortitude is amazing :icon_mrgreen: any shaking going on in the boonies??My buds in Reno have a lot to say about all the rockn' goin'on?? I'd never dump my GB2!!! :twocents: Tons a au 2 u 2-John

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Howdy Glen,Thats some nice looking Rye Patch gold. Looks like the Gold Bug is working good for you in the Rye Patch agajn this tear. Hope i can make a trip down there againthis year.


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