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A few Hrs hunting

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Hello Nuggetshooters

We went out for 2 1/2 Hrs yesterday (Wed) and about 1 hr today (Thurs).

First picture is of yesterday the largest is exactly 1/4 oz with 11.2 grams total and yes, that small speck is a small nugget.

Next Picture is from today with a total of 3.4 grams

Good Hunting



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Hey Alan, those are pretty nice nuggies bud. I should have my new machine pretty soon. it was ordered two weeks ago. Maybe you can save some of that yellow stuff for me. Glad to see ya gettin out and gettin some of the good stuff. Oh by the way, is your power cord still in one piece or is it stretched out about 6ft, hehehe. congrats bud hope to meet up with ya soon......Darren

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Thanks guys

Ha Ha, news travels fast! :laught16:

I'm glad to see that Brock could keep up with me.

I'm sure there will be a few more in this unexplored area.

This is a bad time of year to be working in that dense poison oak, the oil is just pouring out of the leaves.

I hope you don't get it! I have to hose everything down with tecnu.

Let us know when youll be down.


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Yo Alan...Nice gold...I'm still confused because I thought you and Wheelbubble were in the Yreka area....I'm also confused because I don't know what Wheelbubble means :confused0013: :laught16: Cheers, Ron

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Wonderer: Tecnu is a solvent that attacks the oily active ingredient (urushiol) secreted by poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac. Tecnu Extreme is a stronger version of the original product. It is sold throughout areas with heavy poison oak infestations. Once urushiol makes contact with your skin a chemical reaction binds the urushiol to your proteins and, if you are allergic, you begin to itch because your body immediately begins attacking the urushiol with antibodies and releases histimines. Tecnu is capable of breaking that bond if applied soon enough (within 12 hours or so). Tecnu also can be used to wash or wipe off your dog, equipment and clothing so you don't bring it home to mama.

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Micro Nugget,

Thanks for the detailed reply, if I ever tangle with poison oak or ivy i'll know what to do.

Back in Colorado or here in AZ haven't run into that issue - - - - the biggest issue here in AZ is thorns, cactus spines and scorpions..............Been stung twice............Found out you can get out of a pair of jeans pretty quick, and even a middle aged guy can move like a teenager if modivated enough :laught16::laught16:


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