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Scored a little one this weekend

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I was out dry lake bed hunting over the weekend and I scored this little guy-



First side


Second side.. looks like it has small lip


Some fusion crust on the top


It weighed in at a whopping 850mg! :laught16:

Hunting space rocks is so fun no matter how small!


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Man thats a whopper!!! Just messing with you. The small ones are just as awesome as the big ones are!!

I think I have found smaller ones!! They are sitting right next to the big ones in my collection.

Way to go!


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Thanks for the responses guys. Yeah I've found way smaller ones too out detecting, however a find is a find and thats all that matters. Now when it comes to getting skunked, I guess I'm a little bit more willing to accept it when it comes to dry lake bed hunting since the meteorites are more elusive and I still have a lot to learn. :shrug:


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Nice find there Del, When you can find them that small on a dry lake bed your doing GREAT!

The pics of it look good and in person its the real deal(nice find). As far has a lot to learn ,dont let that

discourage you, I still have a lot to learn. I dont think you ever stop learning.


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