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Whats amazing that it even has to be stated, let alone made into a law!

Of course the ACLU (American Communists & Liberals Unified) will argue that it offends someone who doesn't pay taxes, or speak English, or someother idiotic reason.

But congrats to those who live there.


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AZ is NEXT!!!

What? It could happen :icon_mrgreen:

Yes, AZ will be next but we will see!! I did aware of Proposition 103 English in 2006. I missed to vote it due to my overwelming political issues in AZ. :hmmmmmm:

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In 2005 govenor Napalitano vetoed a law that would have made English Arizona's official language. The voters of Arizona made English our official language by passing Proposition 103 in 2006 by a margin of 74% yes to 24% no. Rick

Whoa, how did I miss that?

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