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The King Tut Meteorite

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Hi All

This is a small stone I found years ago near Meadview. It was aged at +or - 1000 years differentiating it from gold basin. It an L5 oriented button. Bob Verish took these pix on my old kitchen table. If you look closly you can see small faint flow lines on the convex side and lots of bubbleing on it back side. It wa around 20 grams and is on permanant display at the Flandrau Planetariums Mineral Museum on campus at the U of A . Heres some links I hope.




Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Nate and All

Your welcome to come over Nate ,but don't expect much. All of my real interesting finds are at the Flandrau or some other museum. I have only a small collection of door stops and dusty rocks in a display cabinet, several bags and few boxes waiting for classification and a new home, and a couple hundred pounds of gold basin in a couple file cabinet drawers. I've got a king size pile of leaverites pool side you can spend a day lookin through !! If you would have been at the DU meeting the other night you would have seen a bag full of new finds, some are just stunning pristine looking stones. I do have a nice saw if you wish to wack some of your finds ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Ben and Johnno

I remember when I found it it looked like someone had tried to cook black sands in a spoon :shrug: . I really didn't think it was a meteorite and was trying to file the edge when Dr Kring (who was camping with us) took it away from me :Huh_anim]: . After seeing the interior after Dr Kring cut it ,Jim and I were in awe :WOW: !! You have to keep in mind we were pretty green in those days :angry-smiley-010: ?? It just ain't big enough :PO2: ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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