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My daughters first finds!

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Good evening all

Just wanted to post a few pics of my daughter Celina's first finds! The first one she found was a small siderite which she made a ring out of! She told me tonight that she can't wait to show it to her friends. Her second was a small pallasite with a nice piece of olivine in it! :mm:

Talk about good memories and times that we will both remember! Let us know what you think of her photos!

Great hunting to you all!



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Way to go you two! Priceless memories that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives are the best. Congrats!


Thank you all for your great comments and kind words!

Celina has enjoyed her finds and is already asking to go again when ever we get a chance.

You are right the memories are the best and besides all the other different things that went along with the day. Things like taking pictures throughout the day, sitting down taking our shoes off, taking a break and eating lunch, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, talking, and of course the excitement and thrill of her first finds! Just to name a few. Oh and we also talked about our sore feet, scrapes, stickers, and sore bodies from the outrageously long miles hiked! :banged:

Good hunting everyone!


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Hello Dean and hello young meteorite huntress Celina,

has a nice ring to it!

Congratulations to two outstanding finds and what a great way to display one of them!

How old are you? May I ask?

And is this your new hobby?

Enjoy and be proud!

Meteorite huntress Moni


Thanks for the good words!

Celina is 26 years young! In fact we just celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

Celina's hobbies are painting and jewelery making to name a few. She is an artist and has been painting since she was 6 years old! She has also messed around with making different kinds of jewelery for quite a few years. She just finished her other ring today and sent me the attached photos. Take a look!

P.S. I think this is going to be another new hobbie for her.

Thanks again



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Aloha Dean,

Very nice artwork your daughter has going on there using meteorites. Definitely something different for people to wear. Check your PM's and get back to me with an answer.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thats a cool way to show off your finds, i hope you find more beauties like those.

It truly is a rare privilege and you are luck to have crossed paths with Ruben.

Happy Hunting


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Moni, stop shooting down my obvious "suck up" attempt. :1264:


Erik that was a bit obvious!! Ha ha.

Hey thanks for the kudos! Last night I sent Celina the Nugget Shooter website address. She was very excited and sent me an e mail asking me to tell every one who sent the nice words to her a huge thanks!!!

Thanks all.


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