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Could be irons. if you're bored, take a look.

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I'm sure you're all sick of my obvious wrongs, but i think I may have something here.

Found these in a farmer's field here in N.C., so far I have around 200g in a total of 15 pieces. They show a somewhat 'holographic' etch, tested positive with an Allertest nickel kit, and most present the appearance of iron meteorites. i have sent a few specimens to friends on the SkyRock forums at www.illinoismeteorites.com for study, and one nice piece to Dr. Korotev for testing. Let me know what you think, I'm a newbie, but I love the hobby. Enjoy.






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Hi Rocco,

Have you done a test for nickle yet? I also would like to see an etched surface.

Best Regards, Ben

All pieces tested positive using ALLERtest. Joe from SkyRock has tested two for me and they were positive. He also etched a small 'oriented' piece, and it is in the 'possible new finds' section of his website. I've sent him an end cut of the largest one and I am waiting for him to post pictures of the etch, if it indeed has one. I can't find any place to buy etchant here, and I'm always too broke to make internet purchases, scared I might overdraft myself, so I wanna buy somewith cash.

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