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Rye Patch weather


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We got the wind yesterday. I sure was surprised by the snow tho since it was so warm yesterday. (50° is warm to me flak) phones are still out :(

snow gold gp3000 nf17e 12" deep (if you count 4" of snow)


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I've got this plan, that maybe, this summer to get out to RP BUT....

Need some advice on the tires for my pickum-up truck and will a 2 wheel f 150 get me in and out?

My pipe dream is a white's new PI a set of good tires, BTW should I buy them out there, swap out the hiway tires then replace when I leave and hold them for the next year. I'm coming from North Carolina,.... maybe.

I'm wondering how bad is BAD on the RP road??

Thanks, I just have a bad case og gold fever, Wyndham

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I think most would recommend off road-ish tires.

I think the primary road base is slate; lots of sharp edges.

A number of us got flats out there on the WSPA outing last Sept.

I am sure locals will chime in with more detailed info.

All the best,


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Flak is right, off-road tires of some sort are a must. I know by sad experience of being underprepared in that respect. If you are just going to drive to Rye Patch and then stay parked the rest of the time while using the atv to drive around, then you might be able to chance non-off-road tires, but that is still a risk. I've been to Rye Patch before and just stayed parked, without developing a problem. I think the wear of a whole week on the tires is too much though if you plan on continuing to drive around the back roads.

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