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Hi All

How to know if there are more meteorites where you've made a new find :confused0013: ??? Gentlemen Strewnfields are huge, gargantuan, massive in size and did I mention there friggin big :hmmmmmm: !! It is not uncommon to find pieces of a given fall strewn over a dozen miles or more. In Oman we hunted JAH055 for about 60 kilometers( I don't know how many miles that is but it's a lot and a long way). At the begining of the fall only a few small complete stones were found in a very random scattering. As we progressed we got into what the Russians called a rain. I would call it a high level breakup or a heavy hit area ( probably an explosions) were we found a lot of scattered material varing from a few grams to complete stones in the half kilo range. Then a few miles out we were getting a sprinkleing of softball sized pieces (1 to 2 kilo) scattered over the next several miles. Then there were occasional whoppers ( 2 to 5 or 6 kilo stones that we were finding with occasional smaller stones and occasinal fragments. There were several large finds made by other teams amounting to 200 to 300 pounds over the next several miles and almost 3 to 4 miles beyond was the crater Ivan and his Russian comrad Sasha had found on thier previous trip. Some of you have seen the famous Russian Jig the preformed as they picked up about a ton of material. The crater was only about 2 foot deep and probably 4 or 5 foot or so around. I detected many pieces after the Russians cleaned it. Many were in the 10 to 20 lb size but lots and lots of fragments everywhere around and in it. It is my opinion that if your find has any angular features to it exterior it is in fact a piece of a much larger fall. If it is a a single only one piece fall your finds exterior should be almost complely featureless. By that I mean almost perfectly round or oblong spud shaped with little to no protruding edges and most likely smaller than a kilo. I Think :twocents: ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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That make sense John!

I haven't found hundreds of kilos but I've found lots, if a stone or iron regarless of size breaks up it is more likely to be oddly shaped, and distinctly un-uniform with more jagged edges. I guess it makes even more sense if you were to take a hunk of granite to the top of a high building (DON'T DO THIS AT HOME) and drop it on the concrete below it will break apart in very irregular pieces.

Picturing those fragmented broken pieces falling through our atmoshpere, burning up, forming fusion crust and impacting the ground. Some of the jagged edges would be be more rounded, and smoother due to the high temps and ablation, but mostly still obviously part of a larger stone. Individual meteorites with no fragmenting would of course be more uniform in shape, depending on trajectory and speed.

Logically speaking it makes perfect sense, and would give you a good idea of whether you are in a larger strewnfield or just found a small individual. Regardless it's always good to search the area thoroughly. I've found patches that harbor 5 to 10 small fragmented meteorites, and then you'd walk for hundred of yards in all directions and not find anything, then WHAM, a 100+ gram piece then nothing again for a large distance!

I know of some recent finds (that are currently being classified/studied) with a piece that is very uniform, round in shape, possibly oriented, but this doesn't necessarily mean that it's a single fall. Couldn't it mean that the piece may have broken apart at a higher altitude and therefore had more ablation resulting in a smoother more uniform shape?

Thanks for the post!



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