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I just read on the Finders forum that our old friend Chris Hake passed away earlier this week. Cause unknown at this time, other than "natural causes", age 56.

Many of us old timers remember Chris fondly from the "early days" of detecting in Oz when Minelabs were new and gold was plentiful. His knowledge was unsurpassed and his willingness to share what he knew was unflinching. That is, until people started taking advantage of him and where he went. He got a bit bitter after that but he would still contribute to the forums and add to everyones knowledge of the nature of gold now and then.

For more, log into the new Finders Oz forum.

Digger Bob

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Hi Bob and All

I remember Chris's post on the old treasure net forum and on Doc's goldstalkers forum. I never met him, Les Low or any of the aussies that posted. But Chris seemed on the top of the game downunder and was always willing to give info freely. A great guy in my book !! He will be missed by many I'm sure and my condolences to those that knew and loved him !! Warmest Regards. John B.

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Chris was sometimes a bit grumpy on the forums, but I always found him helpful and upbeat in person. Didn't know him real well, but the wife and I will miss him.

John, I'll be seeing Les Lowe next week, I'll give him a "HI" for you.


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