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Yo, All...Those photos, plus some additional ones have been around the internet for 7 or 8 years, although they look very real, they are fakes...Wish I could remember where it was exposed, but it was a staged deal somehow...CRS prevents me from providing the source...Cheers, Unc

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I know mountain lions are pretty bad kitty cats, however my uncle owned a large ranch in the Bonanza valley area in Oregon back in the 1940 's and once when I visited him , he had two lion skins hanging in the barn.. He said he had shot one of them and the other was apparently killed by one of the mules or horses he ran a herd of about 20 horses and 6 mules together

and although he did not see the killing of the lion , because of the type injuries to the lion he figured one mules had done the job. He found the critter about half of a mile from the main ranch. He said he preferred to ride mules over horses if the were heading in to bad terrain..--not sure if this is true but my unlce always to me the truth (to my knowledge ).


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Speaking as a lifelong horseman and former trainer, it sure is possible for a mule to kill a mountain lion; I imagine the lion's attention was on another horse, and the mule came from behind and gave it to him but good. :fighting0030:


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