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frank c

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I wondered if any of our forum friends were planning a trip to the PRIMM show.

The other half and myself are going with another couple on saturday if all stays on schedual.

It was 2 years ago since we attended. I'm looking foward to the event.

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Howdy Frank... Gosh... I plan on being there both days.... I may help plant

the field for the Saturday morning AMDA hunt... and I will be in the Sunday

event. After the hunts I will be wandering around the show. My official "base"

will be at the Inland Empire Prospectors and Miners booth.

Steve Micklas and I will be at Primm three nights, Fri-Sat-Sunday... We are "daylight'

drivers... We hope to meet you and all others who will be at the show... I will also be at

the "Westcoaster's Rendezvous" April 25-26-27 at Rancho Jurupa Campground

in Riverside... The Westcoasters are very active and have been putting on

their Rendevzous since about 1988. Anyone who will be at Primm can get more

information on this event...

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Frank... The pleasure will be mine... It is you that are the go-getter and "doing."

I will buy a cuppa coffee... Good fellowship is the goal. I have been going to "Seeded"

hunts since 1974... I mostly do not break even... this is okay... It is in events like this

that a dwindling group of us still are able to make the trip.... However, our ranks are


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Hi Frank

Seabee John and I will be there. Vic and I will be in Buffalo Bill's in a Montana 5TH wheel with SD plates. I plan on doing both hunts. Hope to see you.

Jim B

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Chuck, it seems that the guys who have the TDI prototypes are "hogging" them :), so I haven't gotten to use them yet. But initial reports are pretty impressive; extreme sensitivity on very small nuggets (rare for PI's), remarkable depth on bigget nuggets, very smooth operation, light weight, and 1/3 the cost of the less sensitive and heavier competitor. Will let you know more when I personally hit a lot of "worked out" sites with it. HH Jim

Hi Jim

I talk with you at GPAA gold show at Belton TX. and you said that you were getting a Whites PI prototype detector to test.Well did you get it and if so how is it testing going?


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Aloha all,

I will definitely be going both days and am looking forward to seeing some new faces as well as some old acquaintences. Anyone know if someone will be showing and/or selling meteorites?


Stan aka Kaimi

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Howdy to all of you who were at Primm. I'm sure a good time

was had by all. To follow up, my main effort was the AMDA hunt.

So far the "skunk" is with me at a AMDA event... bu this I mean

I have yet to find my first token for a "prize." So, I'm looking forward

to eventually "beeping one." I'm like a" stopped" clock: dead right to

the nano second twice a day. Now all I need to do is get my "ducks"

in row... However, I mainly attend these events to keep in touch

with fellow "seeded-hunt" participants. To get out and "swing"

a detector and get to meet like-minded others. I guess they can

become "addictive?" as I have been doing this since 1974.

This year the AMDA event at Primm was just a couple of weeks

from the West Coaster Rendevouis. The WC have always put on

outstanding events... In April... their track record dates back to 1988 at

Follows Camp. And thus, they have established a strong following

of old timers and new ones. Follow's Camp in "gone." As is Parris Lake

Campground. The WC has held this event over the last few years at

Rancho Jurupa Regional Park (Crestmore Rd off Mission Blvd in

Riverside CA.) The primitive area is the huntsite.

I have pre-registered and will be there on both Saturday and Sunday.

Time is getting short... it will be on Fri through Sunday... April 25-27.

(One of the hunts I have entered is for those plus 75 years. Wow, maybe

I will make it to a plus 80 group. There are several plus "80's" out there

and they are tough to keep up with. "Speed" is not important, just to get

out and "beep" and pick up a target is the "game."

I believe Pondmn (Jerry P.) and others who post on this forum will be

there. I hope either Jerry or someone else sees this post and adds

more to it. It has always been an outstanding event for now about

20 years, so the West Coaster's have been doing things "right."

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