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I have been asked many times over the past if I could find water lines or buried cable/power lines with my detectors, and have had to turn down these folks and explain why, Well the other day while in a pawn shop I spied one of these brand new in the case with manual. A Schonstedt Model GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator. $175.00


Now in the future if anyone calls I will be able to oblige them and maybe make a buck or to to pay for it. If it works at depth like the book says it could be used for other applications to. It only works on ferromagnetic objects.

Allen in MT


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hello allen, that particular locator is primarily used for finding valve lids and other metallic structures ......depth does not even come close to locators that use radio frequencies. I have the exact same stick that I occasionally use at work for finding shallow structures, buried valve lids, and test point lids....but anyway you could always sell it and make some extra money. one of the guys at work left his sitting on the tool bin in the back of his truck and lost it......the boss said it was about a 800.00 machine. :icon_mrgreen:

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