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For Sale: Libyan Glass End Cut

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I'm cutting a large piece of Libyan Glass into a sphere for my collection and I was able to get 2 nice large full end cuts.

By "full end cut" I mean it only has one cut surface.

The cut surface is pretty smooth but there are some light saw marks, I have no way to polish them out but they aren't very noticeable.

These pieces are pretty clear and they have a nice light to dark green color

On weighed 84 grams and is already sold the other weighs 161 grams an is still available

End cuts of this materail are kind of rare and one this lager would be very imprsive in any collection.

I am asking $1 per gram plus shipping, but I will entertain offers.

If you're interested in a piece please contact me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com


This material is hard to photograph and I will try to get better pictures if the sun ever comes back out :)



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